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Attached to one of a pair of doors to keep the other from swinging through the opening. Also used for decorative purposes. The strip which is applied over window jamb edges in a multiple opening window, sometimes called a panel strip.
Back Bands
A rabbeted moulding used to surround the outside edge of casing.
Base Cap
A decorative member installed flush against wall & the top of an S4S baseboard. Also a versatile panel moulding.
Base Mouldings
Applied where floor & walls meet, forming a visual foundation. Protects walls from kicks, bumps, furniture, etc. Base may be referred to as one, two or three member. Base shoe & base cap are used to conceal uneven floor & wall junctions.
Concave profile, used at corners, particularly as a ceiling cornice. Small coves may be used as an inside corner.
Brick Moulding
Used as an exterior door & window casing. A thick moulding providing a surface for brick or other siding to butt against.
Chair Rail
Interior moulding about 1/3 up from the floor, paralleing base moulding and encircling the room. Originally used to prevent chairs from marring walls, used today as a key decorative detail in traditional & colonial design.
Corner Guards
Outside (OS) corner guard is used to protect corners or to cover a ragged edge where wall covering and painted surfaces meet at outside corner.
Concave profile, used at corners, particularly as a ceiling cornice. Small coves may be used as an inside corner.
Used where walls & ceiling meet and to cover large angles. Always sprung.
Drip Caps
Applied over exterior window & door frames and keeps water from seeping under the siding. Also directs water away from window glass.
Half Round
May be used as a screen moulding or bead shelf edge or panel moulding.
Panel Moulding
Originally used to trim out raised panel wall construction, now often used to frame attractive wall coverings for a panled effect.
Quarter Round
May be used as a base shoe, inside corner moulding or to cover any 90 recessed juncture.
In door trim, stop is nailed to the face of the door frame to prevent the door from swinging through. As window trim, stop holds the bottom sash of a double-hung window in place. Also used as an apron under window stools.
Window Stool
A moulded interior trim member serving as a sash or window-frame sill cap.
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