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Whether repairing a leaky faucet, building a deck or just looking to replace a smoke detector. Palisade Lumber will have it all to help you complete all of your home improvement projects - both big and small. After all, we've been providing solutions to customers' do it yourself challenges for more than 54 years, a record unparalleled in the home improvement industry.

Did you know we stock more than 10,000 products - all of which will help fill your project needs? Now that's a lot of "whatcha' ma-callits"!

Here in our community Palisade Lumber is tried and true and there to help you with any of your needs whether it be finding the product you are looking for or simply providing your with some good ol' advice. That's where we really shine. We take time to find out how we can help you get in and out of our store as quickly as possible, filled with all the products, information and service you need.
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